Course on NX Nastran

Course Description

NX Nastran helps engineers to find problems with product designs earlier before conducting any costly physical tests. With NX Nastran, engineers can be confident their design will work when the first physical prototype is tested. This general-purpose Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software offers simulation across multiple analysis types, such as linear and nonlinear stress, dynamics, and heat transfer. Precisely, this tool helps optimize the performance of existing designs and develop the unique product at a reduced cost.

Course Duration: 70 hours

Course Modules

  • Introduction to Finite Element Analysis.
  • Understanding GUI
  • Pre-Processing, Solver, Post-Processor.
  • Simulation File Structure.
  • Learning geometry abstraction process.
  • Model Cleanup commands
  • Model Preparation commands
  • Simulation Co-ordinate systems, Nodal coordinate systems.
  • Meshing overview, Mesh points, 3D Tetrahedral Mesh, 3D Swept Mesh, Solid from shell Mesh
  • 1D meshing, defining beam cross section and orientation, 0D meshing and controlling mesh density on edges & faces

  • Material Orientation, Determining Nastran 2D element material orientation, Determining Nastran 3D element material orientation, Activity.
  • Boundary Condition, creating loads, Creating constraints, Activity
  • Introduction to Linear Static Analysis. Analysis on 1D element and over link component
  • Advanced Post Processing in Response Simulation. To analysis events such as response, transmissibility, transient, random analysis

  • Introduction to thermal analysis and performing thermal & structural analysis
  • Introduction to Nonlinear analysis and studying geometric nonlinearity
  • Introduction to Assembly FEM, Assembly FEM Vs multi body FEM, Working with sub-assemblies
  • Finding natural frequency in an assembly by mapping sub-assemblies
  • Introduction to Optimization and study to obtain an optimized design for a cross member
  • Hands on projects