Course on NX CAM

Course Description

NX CAM Drive efficient part manufacturing operations and deliver high-precision parts through digitalization. CNC Programing machine tools, control robotic cells, 3D printers and monitor quality using one software tool. NX CAM renders complete computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software solutions at the place of machine tool programming, processing, and machine simulation.

Course Duration: 36 hours

Course Modules

  • Introduction to manufacturing
  • Conventional milling and Climb milling
  • Manufacturing in NX
  • Operation Navigator overview
  • Transform Operations
  • Geometry Groups

  • Retrieving Tools from Tool Library
  • Visualize and Analyze
  • Understanding Tool Path Visualization
  • Understanding Visualization Replay
  • Understanding Dynamic Visualization
  • All Milling Operations
  • Planar Text Operation
  • Z-level Milling Operation
  • Surface Contouring Operation
  • Radial Cut Operation

  • Engraving Text on Contour Surface
  • Variable Contour Operations
  • Multi Blade Milling Operation
  • Drilling and Turning Operation
  • Hands on projects