Course on Computational Fluid Dynamic using Ansys Fluent

Course Description

The Ansys Fluent simulate fluid flow behaviour and can be used to model simple flow problems to complex turbomachinery applications. Using Ansys Fluent industry projects like of industrial strength Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) applications would be blow molding and extrusion problems, multiphase flow problems, fluid-structure interaction fluid flow are designed.

Course Duration: 36 hours

Course Modules

  • CFD theory Fundamentals and applications
  • GUI and Solver fundamentals
  • Geometry in Design Modeler and Meshing using ANSYS Meshing application
  • Transonic flow – Airfoil
  • Modelling Periodic heat Flow and Advanced post processing
  • Thermal boundary conditions
  • Turbulent flow in Heat Exchanger
  • Hands on Projects