Course on Advanced Building Design and Modeling using Revit Architecture

Course Description

Autodesk Revit is a building information modeling software for architects, landscape architects, structural engineers, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineers, designers and contractors. Revit includes MEP and structural engineering, infrastructure, and construction. Revit allows architects and engineers to fully visualize building projects in 3D using real life information.

Course Duration: 100 hours

Course Modules

  • Introduction to BIM
  • Introduction to Revit
  • GUI
  • Sketching and modify tools
  • Setting up levels and grids
  • Modelling walls
  • Dimensions and Constraints
  • Annotation and schedules
  • Sheets and title blocks
  • Creating doors and windows
  • Creating curtain walls
  • Working with views
  • Adding components
  • Modeling floors
  • Modeling ceilings
  • Modeling roofs
  • View, camera, walk-through, rendering and solar study 

  • Modeling stairs, railings, and ramps
  • Conceptual models
  • In-place families
  • Family creation
  • Site design
  • Link projects and collaboration
  • Import and export
  • Hands on Projects