Wiring Harness Design using Creo Cabling

Course Description

Cabling Help user in designing 3D cable harnesses in Creo Parametric assemblies. It offers information on routing wires and cables and managing cabling projects. Griplearn provides training course which enables Learners to create electromechanical cabling systems designed in Creo Parametric using the Piping and Cabling Modules.

Course Duration: 40 hours

Course Modules

  • Introduction to Cabling Process
  • Cabling Design and Terminology
  • GUI and Configuration Setup
  • Electromechanical Model Setup
  • Manual Designation and Parameters

  • Manual Spools
  • Manual Cabling Features and usage
  • Logical Reference Technique
  • Routing Methods
  • Creating and editing Cabling Assemblies
  • Advanced Routing Features
  • Networking in Assemblies
  • Cabling Assembly Deliverables
  • Hands on projects