Expertise in Sheet Metal Design

Course Description

Sheet Metal Fabrication is the process of forming parts from a metal sheet by punching, cutting, stamping, and bending.This course offers you a better understanding and skillset on how sheet metal fabrication includes important design considerations to help improve part manufacturability, enhance cosmetic appearance, and reduce overall production time.

  •  Basic understanding of Sheet metal
  •  Basic Knowledge in Creo or any CAD software
  •  Working professionals and relevant students.

Course Duration: 20 hours

Course Modules

  • How to design effectively with sheet metal
  • Design Guidelines and considerations for sheet metal Design
  • How Material properties affect the Part quality and design considerations
  • Designing of simple sheet metal brackets
  • Sheet metal operations
  • Process and application-based material selection
  • Hardness, toughness and strength in Sheet metal
  • Bend operations and its effects
  • Forming and Bending theory
  • Form and Bend ability of metal sheets and related factors
  • Bending Parameters in Sheet metal design

  • K factor, Neutral axis, Bend allowance
  • The concept of Spring-back and ways to reduce it
  • Design Guidelines to create cost- effective designs which are suitable for manufacturing.
  • Sheet metal modeling using Creo
  • Hands on projects