Expert in Weldment Design

Course Description

Weldment Design is representation that describes the shape, dimensions, and configurations of the welded part. This course offers basic understanding of heat flow, heat flow with moving heat sources, estimation of cooling rates and HAZ, Understanding of weld design, weld joints and welding symbols. Basic understanding and purpose of different types of destructive tests.

  •  Basic understanding of Sheet metal
  •  Basic Creo Knowledge in Creo Assembly Design and drafting or any CAD software
  •  Working professionals and relevant students

Course Duration: 20 hours

Course Modules

  • Basics of weldment Design
  • Types of Welding
  • Material Selection
  • Design requirements of Welding
  • Assembly criteria for Weldment Designs

  • Design ideas for Weldments
  • Manufacturing Operations
  • Design Approach Selection
  • Design Formulas
  • Weldment Modeling using Creo
  • Stress and Strain factors in Design Formula
  • Load Analysis
  • Weldment drawings
  • Hands on Projects