Electrical Harnessing in Automobiles

Course Description

Electrical or wiring harness is a structured set of wires, terminals, and connectors that run through the entire vehicle or automobile and relay information, and electric power, thereby playing a critical role in “connecting” a variety of components. Designing out the wiring harness physically into the vehicle without prior knowledge of the positions of each component will be time-consuming. This is to understand where modifications can be made, allowing the design to be finalized for creating the wiring harness making it very productive and economical in the automotive industry.

  •  Basic CAD Knowledge
  •  Working professionals and relevant students

Course Duration: 16 hours

Course Modules

  • Understanding of the electrical distribution system
  • Different electrical components
  • Standards used in the automotive wiring harness.
  • Basic and advanced concepts for Designing Wiring harness
  • Modeling in any CAD Software
  • Hands on Projects