Course on SCADA-Design and Programming

Course Description

SCADA-Superior Control and Data Acquisition software allows user to gather real-time information from remote location for processing and analysis by which equipment is controlled. SCADA generally monitors and control a process. This course Engineers to gain detailed knowledge on SCADA tool, where they can utilize it in career and opportunities.

Course Duration: 60 hours

Course Modules

  • Introduction to SCADA
  • Understanding RTU
  • Information from Transmitter to SCADA master station.
  • Development of SCADA Screen
  • Enabling Navigation
  • Designing Graphics Pages
  • System Model
  • How to create equipment instances and equipment types
  • Usage and creation of SCADA Alarms
  • Providing SCADA Scripting
  • SCADA Trends

  • SCADA Master and Slave SCADA communication
  • Reporting in SCADA
  • SCADA Communication with MODBUS and PLC
  • Understanding SCADA Web Server
  • Project Management in SCADA
  • Hands on Projects