Course on Hydraulics and Pneumatics Design

Course Description

Many industries are using the power of fluids like air, water, and oil for getting the mechanical force. Hydraulics and Pneumatics principles are widely used in Agricultural machines, turf machineries, construction and forestry equipment, amusement park machines, coal mining equipment, automobiles and aircrafts, textile manufacturers, printers, etc. for increasing productivity. Griplearn offers hydraulics and pneumatics training for enhancing employment opportunities among its learners. This course provides information on the effective design and selection of Hydraulics and Pneumatics.

  •  Basic understanding of Hydraulics and Pneumatics from education
  •  Basic CAD Knowledge
  •  Working professionals and relevant students

Course Duration: 20 hours

Course Modules

  • Understanding of Hydraulics and pneumatics basics
  • Understanding fluid power
  • Basic principles and the importance of pressure, flow, speed, and efficiency rating factors.

  • Advantages of fluid power
  • Understanding the relevant theory (units, flow, pressure, temperature, forces)
  • Understanding the operation of hydraulics &pneumatics circuits and components

  • Developing a range of functional hydraulic circuits
  • Studying of hydraulics &pneumatics circuit drawings
  • Understanding how PLCs are interfaced and used to control pneumatic systems.
  • Hands on projects