Bridge Design, Fabrication and Analysis

Course Description

This course will help learners to gain in depth knowledge on Design of Bridges. This course covers fundamental concepts and methods in bridge design. Bridge Design is one of the important topics of study in Civil Engineering.

  •  Basic understanding of STAAD. Pro
  •  Basic Knowledge of Structural Engineering from education
  •  Working professionals and relevant students.

Course Duration: 16 hours

Course Modules

  • Introduction to different types of bridges.
  • Fundamentals of bridge design.
  • Concepts involved in designing of different bridges.
  • Structural Response of bridges to different types of Dynamic loads

  • Understanding the different types of static loads transferring to the bridge elements
  • Load calculation in various trusses using STAAD.Pro
  • Modeling/analysis of sample bridges
  • Designing and analyzing the bridge using STAAD.Pro
  • Solving Bridge design issues
  • Case studies for better understanding of Bridge Design concepts
  • Explore the different load cases for the live load
  • Hands on Projects