Advanced Structural Design & Analysis using STAAD.Pro

STAAD.Pro is a structural design-oriented program with a user interactive interface which allows for the user working on it extremely easy. It can be used for modelling, designing and analyzing various structures and structural configurations.

Advanced Structural Design & Analysis using STAAD.Pro

Staad Pro Course Online - Advanced Structural Design & Analysis using STAAD.Pro

Course Description

STAAD.Pro is a structural analysis and design software. STAAD.Pro is used to analyze and design structures for bridges, towers, buildings, transportation, industrial and utility structures. STAAD.Pro is the structural engineering professional’s choice for steel, concrete, timber, aluminum, and cold-formed steel design of virtually any structure including culverts, petrochemical plants, tunnels, piles, and much more through its flexible modelling environment, advanced features, and fluent data collaboration. With this course in STAAD.Pro for advanced structural design and analysis, you can develop your industrial skills and build a promising career in civil engineering. The course content is designed with the help of professional experts and is offered by Griplearn through instructor led STAAD.Pro online training.

Course Duration: 100 hours

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Staad Pro Course Online - Advanced Structural Design & Analysis using STAAD.Pro

Course Modules

  • Overview of Structural Analysis and Design
  • Introduction
  • GUI
  • Co-ordinate systems
  • Grid system
  • STAAD Editor
  • Translational Repeat
  • Structural Wizard
  • Importing structures
  • Select Menu
  • Geometry menu
  • Plate creation with FEM concept
  • Property specification
  • Material specification
  • Support specification
  • Loads and definitions
  • Dead load
  • Live load
  • Wind load
  • Seismic load
  • Load combinations
  • Pre-Analysis and results
  • Concrete design
  • Beam design
  • Column design
  • Slab design
  • Shear wall design
  • Take off
  • Post analysis and results
  • Report generation
  • Interactive concrete design
  • Beam design
  • Column design
  • Staircase design
  • Foundation design
  • Isolated footing
  • Combined footing 2
  • Mat footing
  • Pile cap
  • Project 1
  • Overhead water tank design
  • Project 2
  • Steel design
  • Truss model
  • Transmission tower model
  • Interactive steel design
  • Project 3
  • Bridge deck design using STAAD.Beava
  • Project 4
RS.7499 Enquire Now

Course Benefits

It is one of the most widely used software products by Civil and structural Engineers. It helps to automate their tasks by eliminating the tedious and long procedures of manual methods. STAAD.Pro does not involve any manual calculation. hence, it saves time and increases efficiency and it helps the engineers in improving the structure, section, and dimensions. Book your slot for STAAD.Pro course online. It has many benefits out of which some are as follows
if you want to boost your career in civil engineering as a Structural Engineer, then taking STAAD.Pro Training with Griplearn will help you a lot. Enroll with Griplearn and get the benefits
  • STAAD.Pro offers precise and economical designs.
  • It is regarded as the most powerful, effective, and fastest way to design structures.
  • Suitable for almost all types of material for designing i.e., Concrete, Steel, Aluminium etc.
  • STAAD Pro is extremely scalable and easy to learn
  • Industry Based Course Curriculum
  • Instructor Led live training
  • Free access to related course videos for one year
  • Opportunity to attend interviews on STAAD.Pro tool
  • 50% off on all the webinars for one year
  • Dedicated Case studies support team
  • Learn by working on real-world problems

Career Opportunities

STAAD Pro is used in Bridge Analysis, General Structural Analysis, Concrete Design, Wood Design, Steel Design, and Foundations. So, the trained professionals are demanded in concrete industries, timber industries, steel industries, aluminium industries, cement product (culvert, tunnel, etc.) manufacturing industries, petrochemical plants, and cold-formed steel product manufacturing industries.
It allows civil engineers to analyse and design various types of structures on virtual platforms.

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